Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moonlight Sonata

Here at Frogpond, we continue upon our long, slow drift towards autumn.  The temperatures are still averaging about ten degrees above normal (near 80 today), but it's gradually inching downwards.  Thursday there's a thirty percent chance of rain.  Our 4th and 5th graders will be going on a field trip that day to see a play in Modesto -- I'm thinking that this should increase the probability of rain astronomically.  Perhaps I'll also wash the car the day before.  And hang out laundry.  And give the garden a good soak with the hose.  I might even try prayer under an oak tree.  Rain!

Last night I was repeatedly awakened by the full moon's light shining in on my face through the sliding glass doors.  After midnight, the moon was joined by a chorus of coyotes having a howl-fest.  The three boy-cats on the bed woke up.  Arby zipped under the bed, Poom tucked in closer to my feet, while Max crept up and settled into my arms.  And there we lay, as the coyotes sang and the moon shone brightly upon us all.

For some reason, I was sleepy-eyed all day.

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