Monday, October 8, 2012

Murphy's Romance

Meet Isabella.  This afternoon, daughter Liz, her boyfriend Kiitch and 6 month old Isabella came for lunch.  Kiitch loves to hunt ducks, and Isabella is a Wire-Haired Griffon, known for their retrieving ability.

All of this is no doubt true -- but the one fact that comes blazing to the forefront is that this is one seriously adorable dog. 

She is has a reserved personality, but is also very sweet.  Murphy (who's never had much use for any dog that's come visiting us at Frogpond) fell instantly head-over-heels in love with her.  Kiitch threw an orange float for all the dogs down at the pond, and Murphy was in heaven strutting his stuff and showing her how a real dog fetched.  Isabella just smiled happily through her bangs and followed along.

Back at the house, Murph showed her where all the best smells on the lawn were.

Then, gentleman that he is, Murphy proceeded to share all of them her.  She proved to be an enthusiastic and energetic sniffer in her own right, which, I'm sure, endeared her even more to her new beau.

Young love...

Our boy's got it bad.

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