Thursday, July 19, 2012

A (Short) Respite from the Heat

The weather has blessedly cooled down this week.  It's due to go up again to triple digits this weekend, but for now all of us are reveling in temperature highs in the low 90's.  Bliss!

My lemon-colored sunflower

The garden has taken a deep breath and is slowly coming back to life again -- green leaves, new flowers and ripening fruit and vegetables. 

Morning Glories in the orchard garden

Baby pumpkin
Cucumbers finally going up the trellis
Tomatoes at last

While not exactly the lush jungle of my dreams, I'm happy with what I've got -- especially when compared with how things looked last week. 

Today I go down to school to work in my classroom for awhile (it never ends).  I'll have company -- I'm bringing ten half-grown chicks to our bus driver, Joe.  That will bring the number of chicks we have here down to 19, which is much more manageable.  I also managed to sell (!) four ducklings as pets to a nice family earlier this week.  Quite a novel feeling having someone put a twenty dollar bill in my hand for ducks -- I'd have given twenty to take them! (OK, actually originally I'd priced them at $10 each and the family was happy to pay it, but I just couldn't do it.  I almost just gave them the ducklings, but figured I may as well recoup a bit of the money I've spent shoveling food into them so wound up charging them $5 each.  Lucky I'm a teacher -- I'd never make it in the business world).

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