Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Sampler

The sampler's been woven, taken off the loom, ends knotted and trimmed, then washed and ironed.  I've got to admit that this is one very busy piece of weaving -- all that pattern going on and so many color changes!  It's rather dizzying to the eye and perhaps I should have limited the number of variations I tried.  But it was irresistible playing with the treadling patterns and seeing what the ten colors in various combinations looked like.  So there we are.

About the colors: I gravitate to the same colors and color combinations from project to project and am working to break free of this.  At one of the Weaver's Guild meetings this summer, a member shared a runner she'd woven  and showed a photograph of the desert landscape that guided her color choices.  I was intrigued by this way of working with color.

This will be my first attempt using her method  These are some of the pictures borrowed from the internet that guided me.

To my surprise, I already had all of these colors, so I didn't have to buy anything (that's a first, I believe):  two greens -- one darker and the other a bright chartreuse, brown, and off-white. There also is a touch a touch of russet red.

This treadling is called undulating twill

Undulating Twill and Rosepath


These stripes are very bold compared to the more subdued colors of the photographs.  Too much bright green!  Too much russet!

I'll admit that I'm delighted with all of these color combinations.  Settling on only a few is going to be a challenge because there is a part of me that loves the over-abundance of color and pattern.  Only touches of the bright green and russet...I'll edit and simplify and do my best to stay true to the original inspiration.  We'll see how that goes.


  1. Beautiful work - your choices for inspiration offer such nice colors, too. Such an amazing craft, the art of weaving.

  2. Thank you, Vicky -- and I certainly agree with you that weaving is amazing. For me, it's a kind of centering and meditation.