Monday, March 31, 2014

Rain and Sunset

This afternoon it rained.  Actually, for about one and half hours, it poured.  Cats and dogs sort of rain.  Midway through the storm, I pulled on my boots, put on my coat, found my umbrella and then the dogs and I went for a walk.  It was glorious.

The pond is, ever so slowly, gaining in volume.  There are two mallard ducks who seem to have taken up residence there.


The lower creek is almost flowing.

Sadly, the rain stopped just as we were about to get the runoff from the hillsides that capture the water and get the creeks to rushing downwards.

I came back inside and sat down at my computer to do some work.  Then a bright glow gleaming through the window over my shoulder made me look around.

And there it was.  The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen on the last day of March.

Or maybe it's the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.  It hardly matters.  It was glorious.

Five minutes later, the sun slid behind the hills and the colors had faded to a soft violet.

Sometimes I'm afraid to blink for fear of missing something.

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