Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Max in the back of the truck, inspecting the hay bales

Last Sunday was a lovely, drippy day -- it was the kind of rainfall that brightens colors even though (perhaps because) the sky is dark and grey.

The tulips and daffodils are in high bloom.  After four months of dry weather, I was afraid that the bulbs wouldn't be able to perform very well this year.  But the February rains got everything growing in double-time.

Seal looking grumpy, but really smiling

Happy, wet hen

Arby on the porch, staying dry

What we still need like crazy is a gully-washer of a rain to give us massive amounts of precipitation.  These gentle washings from above are appreciated, but we'd need hundreds of them in order to raise our water table and fill the pond.

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  1. Your pictures make me so anxious for our daffodils to bloom!