Monday, October 14, 2013

The Project

We've been entangled in one of those long, slow projects that starts small and modest but just keeps growing and stretching out until it's pretty much taken over the entire universe.

 It started when we decided that we needed a more comfortable bed in my office for Mama to sleep in when she comes up to visit.  It also seemed logical to replace the 20 year old carpet before moving in a new bed.  So we ordered carpet, ripped out the old stuff, moved everything out of the room, washed the walls, shopped for a bed at Ikea (love that place) and then impatiently waited for the carpet guy to come to install the new one.

I couldn't figure out where to put all the contents that were packed in the closet.  I finally just threw it all in the back of my car.  Anyone looking inside would think that Bruce had finally kicked me out of the house.

The carpet guy came on Friday and a lovely new carpet was installed by the time I got home from school.  Once the carpet was in, the walls looked dingy and in need of a fresh coat of paint.  I resisted and am glad I did -- there's no such thing as a "small" paint job.  The walls look good enough.

On Saturday morning we began putting the bed together. We had copious amounts of help from various Frogpond inmates:  dogs, cats, geese and a chicken or two.  Fun times.

By Saturday afternoon, despite the best efforts of Bruce, myself plus all the animals, the bed was still being built.

We resolutely continued with the work on Sunday morning.  It was a happy moment when, in early afternoon we finally slid the drawer section into the main frame.  Until we discovered that it didn't quite fit.  We puzzled over this for many minutes.  None of the animals knew what to do.  Finally we watched an Ikea video on YouTube where two competent Swedish people in yellow shirts assembled the bed in front of us.  Bruce eventually saw that he'd put one strip of metal in upside down.  Once that was rectified, the bed slid together just like in the video.

The room now looks like this.  It's a humble room --small and simple.  Only took two months to complete!   But it's so snug and cozy that it's now very possibly my new favorite room in the house.

Happy day.

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  1. I LOVE re-doing rooms! And it probably takes me twice as long as yours did :)
    Looks very inviting.....don't keep it off limits for guests only though, enjoy it!