Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cat Tree Frolics and Follies

Cat trees are wonderful.  The kittens scamper up and down it all through the day and I'm relieved that those needle-sharp claws are ripping into it and not the furniture or my leg.  Big and clunky, the cat tree's taken up valuable space in our garage for many years and almost got thrown into the trailer for a one-way trip to the Milton landfill on numerous occasions.  One reason it stayed is that our yellow cat, Poom,  occasionally enjoys sleeping there.  Admittedly, that's not much of a reason, but it was enough to have me change my mind every time I almost tossed it.  I recently discovered that new ones cost around $200, which I could never justify paying for a cat jungle-gym/bed (the one we have was given to us).

Last week Poom was surprised and delighted when he found that "his" cat tree was back in the living room where it belonged.  He hopped up on the top perch and got right to work playing with the dangly catnip mouse.  At first he didn't know quite what to do when Hecuba wanted to join in the fun, but he couldn't resist batting gently at her as she also went for the mouse.  This turned into a game between them and things looked good for a few minutes.  Unfortunately Hecuba spotted Poom's fat, fluffy tail hanging down the other side and it proved irresistable.  Poom's attitude shifted in an instant over to the dark side and he was escorted outside for a bit of a time out.


...was going so well...

...until that fluffy tail showed up

Poom has left the building.  Hecuba invites TimTom up

The kittens are learning how far they can go with the big cats without getting swatted and the big cats are gradually accepting the presence of these rambunctious children in their midst.  Baby steps.



  1. What fun you must have watching your menagerie!

  2. We do have an entertaining crew here -- but they keep me hopping.