Monday, January 4, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The Eleventh Day

Criminy.  When I started up my blog again on the day after Christmas,  I had just read an article on the significance of the twelve days following Christmas:  this author explained that these twelve days were "empty" and that, by being observant, a person could find symbols (usually in the natural world) in each of the days that could provide a glimpse of what was to happen in each of the corresponding months that year.  So something that might strike me on the first day would be a foreshadowing of a larger event in January; something I noted on the second day would prepare me for something occurring in February and so on.  I'm pretty sure that I garbled up what the author meant, but anyway, I was intrigued, so jumped in give it a try.

Tonight I went back to try to refresh my memory on the meaning of the twelve days. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original place where I read about the twelve days, but found a vast jumble of facts in a whole lot of other websites on the subject.

As it turns out, I knew even less than I thought -- most importantly, that the first day of Christmas is actually Christmas Day, December 25.  As I began my twelve days on the 26th,  I actually started reblogging on the second day of Christmas but incorrectly titled it The First Day of Christmas.  How do I correct this error?  Do I change the dates?  That seems wrong.  Change the titles completely to wipe away my mistake?  That's even wronger.  Leave it as-is and hope no one from the Days of Christmas Police notices?  Probably:  the chance that anyone would ever notice is other-galaxy remote.  And if someone did note my mistake, it's even remoter that they would care.  And even if they did care, so what?

More to the point, I am laughing to see how anxious I am to get everything "right".  It bugs me that I'm a day off.  It annoys me that I can't figure out how to salvage the observations I made for each day so that I can apply them to the correct month.  I realize that the whole thing is silly, but I can't help that.  I have nothing for the first day (December 25) and all the rest are a day off.  The only one who cares is me.  Soooooooo....

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, I toyed with the idea of fixing a mistake and decided instead to pat it on the head and move along.  So this is me moving along.

(Thank God that tomorrow is the twelfth - and last - day of Christmas).

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  1. But the next day, January 6, is the most important. We celebrated the Epiphany when I was a child. It was more motivational than spiritual. Once those holidays decorations were packed away, the Magi came with one more gift!