Thursday, June 18, 2015

Traveling at a Snail's Pace

Tomorrow is the last day of the two week science/writing camp and we'll be having our Open House.  The students will read their work to parents, show off their art and the snails, we'll play the slideshows that they created and drink punch and eat cookies.  Then, after everyone leaves, we'll clean the classroom, pack up all of our stuff and leave it (hopefully) exactly as we found it.

We had a fun group of second/third graders, but am reminded once again of why I chose to leave teaching the primary grades to other teachers: I can only take so much barely-contained, bouncy energy. However, the children and I have developed jokes and bonds in the short time we've been together and I'm going to miss them.  I think some of them will miss me too, which is nice.

Me, in my persona of Snail Lady (all the students will leave knowing that malacologists study mollusks.  This tidbit of arcane knowledge should prove useful to almost none of their bright futures, but who cares?  It's a great word!)

But I'm ready for a break from teaching.  I'll also admit that I'm mildly resentful to have already used up two weeks of my summer break by being back in the classroom.  I didn't have to do this, but agreed to it anyway.  What's with that?  I appear to have turned into one of those teachers who are never able to drop school and pick up with their own life.  I have a garden crying out to be loved, a horse that needs riding, legs that need to get back into walking 7-10 miles a day, a loom gathering dust, drawers of stuff that need cleaning out.

But before I can get to all of that, I'm signed up for a one-week science curriculum conference at our county office.  Am I insane?

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