Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well, it's March and the rainy season, such as it was, is winding down.  Earlier this week, a weak storm finally broke through our high pressure system and gave us about a quarter of an inch.   I'm grateful for this rain as it means I don't have to water for a few days but it doesn't do much to raise our water table or fill the pond.  I'm still hoping that a monster storm or two or three roars in by the end of the month.  It could happen.

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  1. Beautiful picture of your pond - such amazing hues of blue! We had rain showers here for a day earlier this week. But like you, it didn't help much. But the weeds were so happy - they were drying up and revived to grow about 1/2 an inch overnight. We are expecting more showers this weekend and I find myself wishing we had a rain water system but am not sure it would be enough water to make much difference in our dry climate!