Monday, February 9, 2015

Rain Joy

 Rain at last.  I was just a teeny-tiny bit excited.  Alright, I was more than  a teeny-tiny bit excited.  I was over-the-moon, jumping around in my blue boots holding an umbrella ecstatic.  Photographic evidence of said ecstasy to the left.

The rain came pelting down in waves, from Saturday through Sunday.  We got over two inches, which was great but still not enough.  When the sun broke out today, the hills and noticeably larger pond were lovely but I'm ungrateful enough to long for more grey skies and more sheets of rain.

I'm living in the wrong place.

That said, I'm living in the right place.  I had today off, so began my Monday by falling in love with my slowly-growing pond all over again.

I took a walk around the pond this morning and discovered Max fast asleep in the warm grass.  He was oblivious to the raucous honking and splashing of the geese.

In the afternoon I trundled my kayak down from the barn in the handcart and paddled around for a bit.

Yes; I'm living in the right place.  At least for now.

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