Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pumpkin Wednesday

It was back to school today.  After four whole days away, returning wasn't so easy.  The children were tired and not yet ready to be students again -- chatty, distracted and needy.  I was pretty much in the same state (although I think I hid this a bit more successfully than they did).  

When I bought the class into the cafeteria for lunch, a student came to me and announced, "The office wants me to tell you that your pumpkin is here."  Happy news!  Happy day!  I hurried to the office and there was my friend Dorothea with a lovely home-grown pumpkin that she personally delivered to me.

It's not really a looking-at pumpkin -- it's an eating pumpkin.  Nonetheless, I think that it's exquisite -- deep-ribbed, heavy, and skin of a burnished orange with a silver sheen.  Lovely, lovely pumpkin!

I will enjoy looking at it and then tucking in to eat it -- pie, casserole, muffins...  I love autumn.

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