Friday, June 29, 2012

A Long Week

Pumpkin plants - growing all week like crazy and spilling through the fence
All week I've been been in a class that reviews college level science for elementary teachers and then follows up with lesson planning among the teachers to prepare classroom science lessons.  We've finally reached the third of three years of this federal grant program.  Tomorrow's the last day of our weeklong summer institute and we must present two pieces to the group.  The first one is a natural history powerpoint of field observations we made on birds called Great-tailed Grackles that have been moving into California. I'll be up front giving this presentation.  The second presentation, in the afternoon, will be given by a group of 4th grade teachers who are working together on a lesson on food chains.  I'm not sure who will be speaking for this one, but it won't be me.

Then I get to come home!

I leave for Europe in two days and haven't even taken my suitcase down from the closet shelf yet or figured out exactly what I'm bringing. Tomorrow should be a busy day I think.  

The corn isn't as tall as expected, but still peeks above the little fence
The weather's cooled down this week, so the gardens are happy.  I've just had time to water every afternoon after I get home from class.  

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